Everyday a new innovation in robotics or computers closes the gap between man and machine. Even today these "cyborgs" exist like the man who is fully immobile yet controls his computer with his brain, or the woman who lost her legs in a car accident that now walks with robotic legs. The ability to control robotics and computers with our mind is now a reality, and the fusing of man and machine has begun. For the most part it is only for the betterment of an individual's situation, however we must be wary. This integration of man and machine should be checked, and not allowed to become a cosmetic, or consumer good.

Scientists have found a way to use neurons, or groups of neurons to control robotic limbs like those being given to amputees, or handicapped peoples. This is an amazing breakthrough in science. Another breakthrough is that now these limbs can have a humanoid skin, which allows them to "feel" their surroundings like the skin on the rest of their body. There is now the ability to grow muscle tissue from microbots. Many breakthroughs thought to be impossible twenty years ago are now reality.

With all that said, these technologies are amazing, and can benefit mankind for years to come, however, we must be careful to limit the amount if "integration" or "singularity" we achieve. With robots and computers almost at the thought level of a human, and only about to get better, we may end up being over run by our computer pieces. There are many scientists who see this as a problem and are attempting to take steps to slow the technological developments, but are having a good time. In the next section I will give a "worst case scenario." What I envision happening if technology goes on unchecked.