Biotechnology is changing our lives every day, from the foods we eat to the medicines we take. Engineering biology gave us such things as seedless grapes, and genetically modified tomatoes. As biotechnology get further along we see that cloning is possible, and test tube babies are being born. It is also now possible to create life with out man and woman. When used in conjunction with the previously mentioned nanotechnology, the possibilities are endless.

One question arises from all of this manipulation of genes, "is it safe?" That question is yet to be answered. Many do, however, feel that the manipulation of human life is immoral and should be stopped. The current "stem-cell research" debate is one of the biggest debates in America at this time. Although there are many people against the extreme uses of biotechnology with out it we wouldn't have commonplace medicines like penicillin or antibiotics. However, hormones being added to foods have been blamed or diseases that are becoming more prominent in our society.

The manipulation of cells, not from the inside, but from without, have opened many doors for us, seemingly more good, than bad.